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1 City, Many People was an exhibition at London’s City Hall (below) in 2010, championing inclusive design. It was seen by thousands and accompanied by this web site, where only this home page has since been revised.

Detailed background notes

Inclusive design in sensitive buildings

Recent & present-day buildings

A London panorama

Visions and challenges for the future

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Atribute to David Morris

This site remains as a legacy resource to champion inclusive design. It also recalls David Morris’ vision for a Paralympic environment in London, which he fought for until his untimely death in April 2010. David and others listed in the acknowledgements DID make a difference. Tower Bridge got a disabled access lift in time for 2012 and many more inclusive designs have been inspired by the examples presented here.

The RIBA kindly made its videos available to 1 City, Many People and they were screened in silent, subtitled form, throughout the exhibition. They are also available via YouTube. Details are presented here on The RIBA Videos page.

Clicking the logos below opens new windows where each expert charity presents its definition of inclusive design

Panorama taken from London's Living Room, City Hall, May 2010

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Part of the exhibition at City Hall